About us

Food Tatva is a unique "Recipe-kit" concept, built around incredible cooking experiences.

We deliver best quality ingredients with step-by-step guide on putting together a truly mouth-watering, finger-licking dish in your kitchen. We bring this concept of ‘Recipe-kit’ by removing the hassles of shopping, measuring, storing of ingredients so that you can have a relaxed cooking and eating experience.

Our recipes are well curated and these recipes are simple enough for seasoned or novice cooks.

Food Tatva helps you in saving money and gives you complete control of the healthy options at home rather oily/greasy take out options.

With Food Tatva ‘Recipe-kit’ you save money as it gives you freedom of having only those food items/ingredients at home what you want to cook rather storing and frowning over stale ingredients lying in your kitchen cupboards or in refrigerator and looking over your monthly bills.

We feel when family/friends/couple sit on the table for a nice food, they should enjoy the moment, have great experience and have fun on dining table. No guesswork, no mess, no hole in the pocket…just pure bliss…pure tasty handmade food. Healthy Cooking…Makes Sense. Isn’t it?